The Ultimate Amigacore Compo of 2024


TIME: 3RD AUGUST 2024, 14:00 EEST


The Boozedrome circus is back in town and the clowns have gone berserk! That's right — it's the seventh amigacore fun fair! Last year's setup worked quite nicely, so once again there are going to be two simultaneous streams: the pre-recorded compo video with clean audio on YouTube, and a live stream from Boozembly Hills on Twitch. For maximum enjoyment, watch both at the same time! The compo results will only be on the Twitch stream. Also, if it rains heavily, we'll probably simulcast the YouTube video on Twitch and announce the results after.


To compete, make a hardcore track with the following specs:

We are going to play practically every entry in the compo. However, we reserve the right to hold a limited preselection if there are tons of entries. (like, more than 20 or so)

We reserve the right to cancel the compo if we don't receive enough entries.

We will compile a special Boozedrome compilation cassette, consisting of ten tracks selected by a small jury. The compo top 3 and all artists featured on the cassette will receive a free tape. Tapes will also be sold at Boozembly and Bandcamp while supplies last.

Tracks will be in mono both in compo and on the cassette.

By participating you also give the organizers the permission to produce and sell physical copies of the compilation, with any possible profits going towards organizing the next competition and producing more physical releases.

The deadline for entries is July 21st 2024.

PREVIOUSLY: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020