The Ultimate Gabber Compo of 2021




The compo was held on Saturday 7.8.2021 14:00 Finnish time on our Twitch channel since the weather sucked real bad.

To compete, make a gabber tune with the following specs:

Ten tunes will be presented and voted for during the compo. If we receive more than 10 tunes, we will hold a preselection. One entry per artist.

We reserve the right to cancel the compo if we don't receive enough entries.

The Top 10 tunes will be included on a special Boozedrome compilation cassette, with all top 10 artists receiving a hand-numbered premium edition. Regular editions will be sold for 5 euros at Boozembly and Bandcamp while supplies last.

Tunes will be in mono both in compo and on the cassette.

Remote entries welcome! If you're in the top 10 but are unable to attend Boozembly, the cassette will be mailed to you.

By participating you also give the organizers the permission to produce and sell physical copies of the compilation, with any possible profits going towards organizing the next competition and producing more physical releases.

The deadline for entries was July 18th 2021.

Last year's info

The compo was held at Boozembly Hills on Saturday 8th August 2020 at 14:00 EEST.

Watch the prerecorded competition video that was shown on AssemblyTV, or watch the live stream from Boozembly Hills which was by no means a total disaster! Visit our Bandcamp page to download the compilation for free or buy the tape! Follow us on Twitch where we may or may not be streaming more demoscene stuff soon!